Interviewing tips for SLPs

Interviewing tips for SLPs

Interviewing tips for SLPsMay usually means the end of the school year for teachers and school-based Speech-Language Pathologists, but for new graduates, May is interview season.

Most of us here at Speech Spotlight haven’t had to interview in a while, but we still have some tips and wisdom to share with all of you out there completing applications and scheduling interviews.

Personality is Priority

Sarah from Speech is Beautiful says, “Smile and be yourself! They don’t want a mannequin!” If you’ve made it to an interview, the panel already knows who you are on paper. It’s important they can see who you are in person. SHINE!

Linda from Looks Like Language remembers that sharing a few detailed stories was a winning tactic. She says, “While I have worked in multiple schools, I haven’t applied for years now! During interviews, I got the most positive reception when I was able to respond to questions with specific stories of students with that issue and how I was able to help them.”

Quality Questions

“Remember you are interviewing them as well,” is really great advice from Ashley R. over at Sweet Southern Speech. She says, “Make sure you know who your supervisor will be. Get a clear idea of the environment you will be working in, expectations, contractual agreements, etc. and that you are comfortable with everything. This job is more than just a salary!”

Formally Casual

My advice is to be sure you’re comfortably but appropriately dressed. It’s important that you can perform the duties of the job you’re seeking in the outfit you wear for the interview.

Lisette from Speech Sprouts suggests “a positive outlook” along with “an open, relaxed posture.” She says, “Think about having a chat, and what you would like to share, rather than being judged.”

If you want more tips, check out this post over at AGB Speech Therapy.

Congratulations to all you new grads and good luck in the interviews!AGB Speech Therapy