My name is Linda and I’ve been an SLP since 1979. I worked in 3 schools in Maryland before moving to New York, adding 10 more schools to my list. My population age range has been from from 18 months to 21 years, including all handicapping conditions. I have a strong background in autism and pervasive developmental disorders, but I also love working with students who have intelligibility problems related to motor speech issues.

My interesting fact: I once got offered a dentist chair or a boys bathroom (IN USE!!) as my choices for where to work one year. I politely declined and did therapy sitting on the stairwell floor that year. The best part is, the principal was begging me to stay at the end of the year when I found a new position!

My favorite quote came from my daughter when she was 2 years old: Ice cream is my philosophy! I believe in being kind to others and doing whatever it takes, including hot fudge sundaes, to get through tough times.

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Looking forward to interacting with you!

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