The Summer SLP: How SLPs recharge and renew

Summer SLP

Summer SLP

I know many of you are winding down for the end of the year.  It can be a crazy, demanding time. Remember, you can do it!

Soon, it will be that loveliest time of the year…summer break.

Let’s face it, that’s one of the reasons we stay in the schools. We get that long stretch of time to renew our energy and to spend more time with people we love.

How will you be spending your summer? I always like to know what other SLPs are doing don’t you?

Here’s a peak at what some of the Speech Spotlight SLPs will  be doing during summer vacation…

“I don’t actually get summers off since I went to private practice. Since a lot of my work comes from schools I do work less, though.  I try to spend some time doing art, which is my sanity hobby. I also try to spend some time by the beach. (Not a problem now with our retirement place, but it used to be harder) I find the ocean really relaxing! Little Bee (by Chris Cleeve) is a great book I just read. I’d recommend it highly.” ~Susan Berkowitz

I head to the mountains. I belong to an outdoor club and I have lots of opportunities to go hiking and go on the odd kayaking trips. I love the beauty of nature and it really calms me. I also play ultimate frisbee even though for the past few years, I have been saying this is my last season. I can’t quite seem to retire. These are great ways to meet new people and see old friends.“~Collette Tovee

Since I’m private practice I still work summers but only two days instead of four. I also take two or three vacations. The beach…I absolutely have to get my toes in the ocean and hear the relaxing waves. I honestly stare at the vast ocean and breathe deeply admiring God’s greatness. I also sit at the pool and read the latest chick novel by Mary Kay Andrews. She always writes the the best beach read! Her newest, “The Weekenders” comes out May 17 and I’ve already pre-ordered mine from Amazon! ~Ashley Douglas Rossi

“I ride my bike every morning to get coffee. Maybe it is a little backwards, but getting food motivates me to exercise! I get together with my best friend and quilt. Being creative relaxes me. I have to admit that TpT is a year round job for me, so I create on-line as well. Some days, I actually enjoy decluttering my house and will pick a different area to go through and make donation bags. For vacation, I love going to the mountains in the summer. I love the change of scenery, the beautiful views, and the lack of scheduled things to do. Just explore, enjoy nature’s beauty and relax! ~Linda Look

I love to choose a good book and get lost in it. I don’t read much while school is in session, because I am a cover to cover kind of girl… and I won’t get anything else done until it’s finished! I spend more time with my sister and mom, just doing little things. This summer, I plan to convert Mom’s large collection of family slides to digital. This is going to be fun, talking about all the memories. Texas is really hot in the summer, so we are indoors a lot, other than heading for a swim! ~Lisette Edgar

I love to read over the summer. Specifically, Harlen Coben mystery books are my favorite. My family and I also go camping in the summer. It’s nice to get away from all electronics and just enjoy nature. ~Jennifer Bradley

I walk to the park with my boys while they ride their bikes. I sit in the grass and watch them play. It’s peaceful and reflective…until they get a scrape! 😝 Being outside is my “reset” button for sure though! ~Sarah Burns Wu

We love to travel in the summer. This year we’re doing an Alaskan cruise to celebrate 10 years and then a family gathering in Florida. I also read a ton, both professional publications and book club selections. This will be my first summer of full time private practice…sounds like I’m busier than the school year!” ~Ashley Gibson Bonkofsky

As for me, catching up with family and having some time to reflect are at the top of my summer list. I always manage to fit some travel in, too.  This summer we’re meeting my four sisters and three brothers in Oregon (and all the spouses and kids, so much fun!) I’ll be going to Florida too. So I”m lucky enough to get two ocean experiences. It’s hothothot here in Phoenix, so I get outside early in the morning and get my reading done in the afternoon.  I usually have a big, delicious pile of books to go through. “Living Forward” by Michael Hyatt and Daniel Harkavy is at the top of the pile.

Now you know what we are up to this summer…getting our nature fixes seems to be a common denominator.  Of course, we’ll still be writing articles for you about all things SLP.

Wishing you a delicious summer!