Prepare For Next School Year With This Free Download!

Summer is finally here!  It’s a time for relaxing, enjoying family, catching up with friends and forgetting about work.  However, if you are like me, you don’t totally turn off work thoughts, especially when scouring Pinterest, Facebook and speech therapy blogs!

I love looking at the latest ideas and activities to engage my students.  In my perfect speech world, I envision doing all of these activities while my students participate and behave perfectly.  Unfortunately, we all know that this is totally unrealistic, but I like to dream!

I constantly see so many amazing therapy ideas, envision how perfect they will work in my therapy and then move onto the next one.  In the beginning of the school year, I try to remember everything that I had found over the summer and I can only remember one or two.  Last year, I tried writing them on random pieces of paper, but those random pieces of paper were lost or thrown away. We as SLPs have enough to do in the beginning of the year, so those once found great ideas, usually never happen.

Well, to make your next school year a little easier, I came up with these lists to help you remember any amazing therapy ideas that you find throughout the summer.  Leave them next to your computer, hang them on your fridge or just keep them on your computer and type in your ideas.  They will help you remember and organize new therapy sessions, know what materials you need and show the websites for you to reference.   I hope that they make the beginning of your school year a little bit easier!

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