blogbutton4Hi!  Thanks for finding your way over to my little bio. I LOVE my job. To me, there is no better occupation (other than being a mommy). I love knowing that I have helped children and families. I love seeing that moment when children learn that words have power and are able to communicate their wants, needs, thoughts, and opinions.

  • My parents named me Tamatha (and it is fun to write or type); however, I actually go by Tami and I’m from TLC Talk Shop.
  • I grew up in breathtaking Northern California (Fort Bragg-Mendocino) and have bounced around since then. I’m currently living and working in Las Vegas, NV.
  • I have been a Speech-Language Pathologist for 8 years. Prior to finding my way into this profession, I found myself evolving through the following careers: Preschool Teacher, Behaviorally-Emotionally Disabled Self-Contained Teacher, Cognitive Impairments “Mixed Bag” Middle School Self-Contained Teacher (serving children with Mild-Moderate Cognitive Impairments, Autism, Deaf and Hard of Hearing, Multiple Impairments, etc..), and SLPA. The experiences I gathered and the lessons my previous students taught me (as well as my daughter) has deEinstein-fish-quote3finitely shaped me as a Speech-Language Pathologist now. I graduated with my M.S. in Communicative Sciences and Disorders from California State East Bay. In the past 8 years, I have provided services in public schools, private practice, early intervention, skilled nursing facilities, and in community outreach clinics.
  • I love the diversity in our profession! That being said, my passion is working on functional communication, and using assistive and alternative communication. Although I enjoy working at the secondary (middle school, I’m short so I think High School students would eat me alive!) level, I really LOVE working with preschoolers and working with elementary school students with significant communication needs (multiple impairments, autism, cognitive disabilities, etc..). My areas of special interest are working with students with autism and preschoolers with limited communication skills.
  • Here are a few fun facts about me. I have horrible insomnia and survive off of coffee to make it through the day but at night my brain turns on (I become really smart between the hours of 10pm and 3am, I should do all my blog posts then!). It took me over 10+ years of tears, prayers, and modern science and technology to become a mommy to my miracle who attempted to tap dance her way out at 23 weeks gestation. My miracle was born at 26 weeks at 2lbs and 14 inches and is healthy and beautiful (inside and out). She taught me the importance of being an advocate. I am my own mother’s miracle as I was born with Laryngeal webbing and tracheal hypoplasia (basically, my trachea was open to like the size of a pin) which required multiple surgeries to cut way webbing and scar tissue, and to widen my trachea. I was not allowed to cry for the first two years of life as I would stop breathing (maybe why I am so hard headed) and my mother became a nurse. Last fun fact is that I am a Court T.V. junkie. Shhhhh… I don’t want that one passed around. I’m not very proud of that fact. So, join me in a cup of coffee and let’s chat. I look forward to interacting with you!

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